The Role of Digital Marketing in Your Franchise Business

What is Digital Marketing?

Successful digital marketing strategies include a combination of tactics, such as posting engaging content across your social media channels, acquiring positive online customer reviews about the services you offer, or writing educational blog articles about the industry you service and posting them to your website. Digital marketing continues to evolve and open up countless avenues to deliver your business’s message to thousands of potential customers.

A simple way to define digital marketing is anything posted about your business that is directed toward your target audience and potential customers. This may include your company’s website, social media content and initiatives, images and video content, blog posts, digital newsletters, email blasts, online reviews, and much more. With a growing number of people spending hours a day online, digital marketing often includes cross-channel strategies that can often boost your businesses sales. In fact, a study from the Pew Research Center found that one in three Americans are online almost constantly, and over 85% of Americans go online on a daily basis.

Digital marketing can become very overwhelming for small business owners that aren’t familiar with best practices or common strategies, and it’s important for local businesses to keep up with digital trends to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, aspiring entrepreneurs that join The Patch Boys will gain access to proven digital marketing strategies that can be adapted to fit their local business needs.

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The Patch Boys franchise takes the guesswork out of local marketing

With the backing of BELFOR Franchise Group, Patch Boys owners gain access to a team of marketing experts that have developed proven strategies to support franchisees and their local marketing efforts. New owners receive a quick start marketing package designed to spread the word about their new Patch Boys business and secure jobs early on. When you join The Patch Boys, you can rest assured knowing that you have an experienced group of graphic designers, content developers, video content creators, and social media strategists that can guide your efforts and adapt strategies to your local market. From day one, The Patch Boys support and training programs include playbooks and resources on how to effectively market your business in your community.

“Because of the BELFOR Franchise Group, we have 100-plus executives that do nothing but focus on helping our franchisees improve their business,” says Ted Speers, President of The Patch Boys. “We’re in it together. You’re not off on your own. If you have questions or challenges, franchise owners can call us anytime.”

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