The Drywall Industry is Reaching New Heights 

The Drywall Industry Forecasts Exponential Growth

The thriving construction sector, along with the growing trend of residential repair and remodeling, has set the stage for growth within the drywall industry. It’s expected to reach revenues beyond expectations, with Business Wire estimating the market should reach a value of $50,449 million by 2027.

“The rising population is leading to a growing demand for residential constructions in various countries, thus aiding the growth of the global drywall industry,” Business Wire reports. “Drywalls have also grown in popularity due to their versatility in dividing and creating spaces, allowing for quick and seamless interior customization options.”

This paints a bright future for The Patch Boys franchisees, since they are experts on fixing damaged drywall and returning walls to their pre-damaged state. In fact, The Patch Boys are one of the few national franchises that specializes solely in drywall repair. As the popularity of drywall in new construction skyrockets and existing infrastructure continues to degrade, the demand for The Patch Boys services is going to be unprecedented.

“We’re the experts in drywall repair,” says Ted Speers, Brand President of The Patch Boys. “We’re a young and energetic brand that faces little competition. We’ve spent the last several years proving our business model, and we have a large group of enthusiastic franchise owners who own thriving businesses that home and property owners really need. Drywall repair is a science and an art, and our brand is committed to a level of professionalism and customer service that is expected by customers and rare in the industry. This is a winning opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to own a business designed for growth.”

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The Patch Boys Are Expanding Rapidly

The Patch Boys franchise is experiencing extraordinary growth. In fact, the brand saw record sales from 2020 to 2021, nearly doubling the number of new franchisees and growing existing location sales revenue by 50%. With Americans investing, remodeling, and renovating homes more than ever before, The Patch Boys expects their substantial growth trajectory to continue. Factor this with the current labor market and a surge of aspiring entrepreneurs leaving corporate America to become their own boss, and you see why The Patch Boys is a great investment opportunity.

“In spite of the pandemic and other challenges, The Patch Boys has overwhelmingly excelled in its first two years within the BELFOR Franchise Group,” said Rusty Amarante, President of BELFOR Franchise Group. “We’re proud of their quick rise to be one of the most accessible, affordable home-based franchises in the industry.”

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