THE PATCH BOYS Franchise Offers a Quick Ramp-Up Time

Fast-growing drywall repair franchise is committed to helping entrepreneurs get established in business quickly

One of the biggest challenges for new businesses is the time it takes to start making money, otherwise known as ramp-up time. That’s why THE PATCH BOYS franchise system places a heavy emphasis on getting business owners earning a profit quickly and creating an easy to scale model for multi-unit ownership. THE PATCH BOYS

In many instances when businesses take a long time to ramp-up, it forces the owners to burn through working capital and leads to uncertainty about future success and viability. But in a well-run franchise system, industry research has shown ramp-up times are generally accelerated, taking the stress off owners and freeing up time to scale the business.

Many franchisees are up and running in just two to three months.

THE PATCH BOYS is a simple business to own, specializing in a limited number of services focused around drywall repair that only requires a few employees and a minimal amount of equipment to get started. By design, the franchise’s ramp-up time is much faster than that of competitors in the industry.

Studies have shown a business’ ramp-up time is greatly accelerated when a franchise offers training, ongoing support, and marketing guidance – all areas THE PATCH BOYS, through the BELFOR Franchise Group, excel in.

It makes sense: every new job requires some amount of training and learning. With THE PATCH BOYS framework, franchisees are provided robust and comprehensive training programs, which results in the learning curve being drastically reduced.

What’s more, THE PATCH BOYS offers training at a new state-of-the-art training facility where franchisees undergo extensive initiation training and instruction. Also, they learn how to use equipment, perform jobs with expertise, and communicate with customers about the work being done to demonstrate value.

And once initial trainings are done, THE PATCH BOYS offers unmatched ongoing support. As businesses grow or face obstacles, being able to call a franchisor for guidance with questions is a big advantage over having to figure it out on your own, which requires time and money.

THE PATCH BOYS provides regular and ongoing coaching sessions to help ensure the business is meeting its goals. Franchisees also benefit from on-the-job training and business development coaching.

Industry research has also shown one of the top reasons businesses fail is because of ineffective marketing. Understanding that marketing is another hurdle to quick ramp-up times, THE PATCH BOYS offers an entire marketing team to help new franchisees establish an online presence and effectively communicate with your business, getting customers in the door, and getting people talking about your services.

Joining THE PATCH BOYS means you’re joining a brand that has your back and you’re never going to be in business alone.

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THE PATCH BOYS drywall hole repair franchise is an exciting business with a wide-open market. With a quick turnaround time and brand recognition, our franchise owners expand their loyal customer base and enhance their long-term growth. Simply fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to speaking with you!

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