THE PATCH BOYS Franchise Review: Meet Lee Lisemby

Why an entrepreneur chose to invest in a drywall repair franchise after a distinguished career in the military

After an illustrious career serving the military, THE PATCH BOYS franchisee Lee Lisemby came back to the civilian world knowing two things: he wanted to run his own business and not get sucked into Corporate America.

In his experience, Lisemby saw businesses not run properly that tanked, and others with bad cultures that had a toxic environment. As a result, he grew a knowledge of what he did and didn’t like about how companies operate, and became extremely particular in his search for starting his own business.

Ultimately, Lisemby was introduced to THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise, and realized the niche the company plays in the construction industry, specializing in smaller jobs most other businesses won’t touch. And, he discovered the culture of the franchise fit in line with his values.

“I just fell in love with the culture,” Lisemby said. “As soon as I got on the phone with (brand president) Ted Speers, I knew this is the kind of company I want to work with. And they definitely followed through on their end of the deal.”

In this interview, Lisemby talks about how he came to realize THE PATCH BOYS was the opportunity for him, what’s made him successful to this point, and why he would recommend the franchise to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q: What was it about the culture at THE PATCH BOYS that you valued?

A: I could tell Ted’s leadership style was right on point. I’ve worked for the military and other companies with so many different leaders. And I almost have somewhat of a knack for spotting good leadership. And that was important to me, because bad leadership can just do so many terrible things, toxic culture, and on and on. And Ted’s personality was in line with someone that I want to do business with.

Q: How has the learning process been?

A: I had done very little drywall work around the house, other than fixing the holes my kids knocked in the walls. But I have a lot of background in skill development. And I knew from the beginning and from training that we could make this work and be the experts at drywall repair. We’ve passed some hiccups along the way, and some jobs that didn’t go as planned, but we’re learning and each one of our mistakes we make, helps us learn from them.

Q: What do you think customers appreciate about THE PATCH BOYS?

A: We give every impression we can to make sure the homeowner understands we’re taking care of their belongings and we’re taking care of them. I want to make sure our staff looks good, they behave well, and they treat the customer right. We want to be professional by showing up on time and doing all the right things. As for the work, they’re in and out, doing a quality job.

Q: How have you approached managing employees?

A: I want my technicians and my managers to be super happy with their job, and want to support it. Because I know if I give them that, then they’re going to return the favor by treating the customers correctly. And that’s, to me, the best way to grow a business: make sure your employees are happy and satisfied and love the job. And then they return that favor by providing excellent work and customer service.

Q: What qualities should a franchisee have?

A: First, you need to be a good leader that can manage people. After you build that trust with your team, they respect you. Also, you’ve got to have strong organizational skills because time management is, I think, absolutely critical to make this work. And, keep in mind you’re not a solopreneur. This is a business, and you have to find the right people to run it.

Q: Would you recommend THE PATCH BOYS to aspiring entrepreneurs?

A: Oh, for sure, yeah, I think it’s a great business opportunity. It’s a low cost to get into, and so you don’t have to refinance your home or go into debt. You don’t have to buy or restore a building, all that kind of stuff. I think the financial side of it makes sense. And there is definitely a need for it. We’re finding potential leads and jobs in places no one ever told us about, and we just keep uncovering different types of content.

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