THE PATCH BOYS Named “Best of the Best” for 2021

Entrepreneur magazine names fast growing drywall repair franchise to their annual list of worthy franchise opportunities

It’s one thing for a company itself to say potential entrepreneurs starting a franchise is a wise investment and a great franchising opportunity. It’s a whole other matter when an independent industry leader says it, which is exactly the recognition drywall repair franchise, THE PATCH BOYS, just received as “Best of the Best” for 2021.

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Entrepreneur magazine, the premier source for news and information about small business opportunities, recently listed THE PATCH BOYS as the #5 franchise in the maintenance category for the annual Best of the Best rankings.

“We call them the ‘best of the best’—the franchises that ranked not only in our increasingly competitive Franchise 500 list this year but also at the top of their respective industry categories,” Entrepreneur magazine wrote.

The companies on the list show the ever-growing diversity of industries represented in the franchise world, Entrepreneur says. And regardless of category, all the businesses listed scored high atop the Franchise 500, which evaluates companies based on more than 150 data points in the areas of cost and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, as well as financial strength and stability.

According to the 2021 Franchise 500 report, THE PATCH BOYS moved up 71 spots from last year.

For entrepreneurs looking to start a business and begin a new career path, Entrepreneur’s ranking serves as more proof THE PATCH BOYS is a smart investment that holds promising opportunities.

THE PATCH BOYS time and time again has proven it can survive whatever financial challenges thrown in its way, whether it be recessions, pandemics, or the rise of other competitors. It’s not hard to see why, no matter what, walls will be dented and seams will crack and a handyman will be needed. And THE PATCH BOYS unique offer a service few other companies can undertake.

Founded in 2006, THE PATCH BOYS now boasts nearly 100 locations across the country, and the franchise continues to expand as the brand becomes synonymous in the drywall repair industry as one of the most recognized and trustworthy companies to call when walls need to be fixed.

Entrepreneur magazine highlighted why THE PATCH BOYS model makes it easier for potential franchisees to start a drywall repair business, with start up costs ranging from only $48k to $75k. In the $60 billion drywall repair industry, where an estimated 96% of homes have drywall, franchise owners have the opportunity to quickly turn a sizable profit.

“We’ve spent the last several years proving our business model and we have a large group of enthusiastic franchise owners who own thriving businesses that home and property owners really need,” said Ted Speers, Brand President of THE PATCH BOYS.

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