THE PATCH BOYS Testimonial: Meet Franchisees Gerry & Brenda Regnier

Drywall repair franchise owners open up about what they love about their business

When Gerry and Brenda Regnier decided to go into business for themselves, they wanted a low-cost opportunity that would allow them to get up and running quickly. Gerry’s background in construction made investing in THE PATCH BOYS franchise opportunity, the leading drywall franchise and part of BELFOR Franchise Group, a natural fit.

“THE PATCH BOYS offered us a small business backed by a big business,”

Gerry says. “When we looked at the model, we liked the time it took to get up and going, the low investment to get into it, and we decided this was a good business decision.”

As the leading specialists in drywall repair in their community, Gerry and Brenda provide a service that is always in demand. Drywall is used in 96% of American homes and damage is common. In fact, Gerry and Brenda were surprised how big the demand was from day one.

“We were already getting leads before we started our training,” admitted Brenda. “But we’ve truly enjoyed the camaraderie of everyone we’ve trained with and the knowledge we are receiving. We feel supported – like we are backed 100% of the time.”

With over 100 locations across the country, THE PATCH BOYS is rapidly expanding. Entrepreneurs like Gerry and Brenda choose THE PATCH BOYS because of the elite training & ongoing support that BELFOR Franchise Group provides and because we empower entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and grow their businesses.

“The little things that would take a long time for us to figure out on our own are already figured out for us,” Gerry says.

Watch below as Gerry and Brenda discuss what they love about THE PATCH BOYS.

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