Why Owning a Drywall Repair Franchise is a Wise Choice

THE PATCH BOYS is a niche & specialized opportunity in the booming home services category.

All the reports you’ve read are true: the drywall repair industry is booming and expected to hit nearly $64 billion by the end of 2021. What you haven’t heard, however, is that the industry is fragmented and largely composed of independent operators who have outdated business models and cannot deliver the kind of expert service today’s consumers expect.

This is good news for THE PATCH BOYS, the only national brand that specializes solely in quick and affordable drywall repair.

“This lack of competition is not only good news for our franchise owners, but it’s also helping to set the gold standard for customer service in a segment currently dominated by independent contractors and handymen,” says Ted Speers, Brand President of THE PATCH BOYS. “We take on any job – no matter how small.”

Sooner or later, every homeowner is going to have drywall damage on his or her walls or ceilings. Smalls holes caused by doorknobs, nicks from moving furniture, water damage around bath fixtures – life happens, and homeowner are going to need to call for repairs. And while drywall damage is one of the most common home repairs, many handymen won’t offer their services, thinking it’s not worth the time or effort. And that’s’ where THE PATCH BOYS step in.

THE PATCH BOYS sends out trained professionals for a free quote, and once on the job, our services can be completed within hours, with full satisfaction guaranteed. This benefits not only the homeowner who wants their repairs fixed in a timely manner, but also our franchisees who want as many jobs as possible to maximize profits. We’ve also placed a heavy emphasis on customer service, and pledge to homeowners to leave our job sites cleaner than how we found it – not something you get from most plumbers or electricians.

“We leave no mess or dust behind, and we do not consider our job complete until the customer is completely satisfied,” Speers says.

And our services are not just limited to drywall repair. THE PATCH BOYS also offers a versatile suite of services including ceiling and plaster repair, as well as drywall installation and popcorn ceiling removal. Not only do these additional services help build THE PATCH BOYS reputation as the go-to brand for home repair, it also bolsters our franchise owners’ revenue streams.

“From an operational standpoint, our services are designed to increase the profitability for our franchisees without increasing the complexity of their businesses,” Speers says. “These services are complimentary, and can increase the average ticket of a job if a customer has more than one issue they would like addressed.”

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THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise is an exciting business with a wide-open market. With a quick turnaround time and brand recognition, our franchise owners expand their loyal customer base and enhance their long-term growth. Simply fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to speaking with you!

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