Investing in THE PATCH BOYS Franchise is Advantageous in Good Times and Bad

Brand President Ted Speers explains why joining a franchise brand that provides an essential service is the way to go 

THE PATCH BOYS, the leading drywall repair franchise in the nation, exists to help entrepreneurs prosper in a straightforward business that meets the evergreen need for expert drywall repair.

As one of the only national brands that specializes in drywall repair, THE PATCH BOYS franchise owners have a leg up on local competition. As part of BELFOR Franchise Group, THE PATCH BOYS franchise owners have access to jobs from our suite of service and restoration brands, as well as benefit from world class training & ongoing support.

We recently sat down with Ted Speers, Brand President with THE PATCH BOYS, to find out what makes THE PATCH BOYS a best-bet investment, as well as why is it advantageous to own a recession-resistant business, and much more. 

The Patch Boys franchise

THE PATCH BOYS is a niche business in the home improvement industry. Can you explain the demand for drywall repair? 

Speers: The demand for drywall repair is actually growing unbelievably. Even during COVID-19 we’ve seen pent-up demand with more people at home and wanting to enjoy their homes. Because of this, they are taking on projects, many of which involve drywall repair. In the majority of American homes and commercial buildings, you will find drywall as the most commonly used wall material. With the amount of  plumbing, electrical, heating ducts, air conditioning, and more behind those walls, at some point, most people will end up with drywall damage. It could be from a plumber or another home service professional doing work — and chances are these professionals aren’t trained to fix drywall. As a result, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth for our business over the last six months because we are the national expert at drywall repair. 

In this economic climate, why is it advantageous to own a recession-resistant business like THE PATCH BOYS?

Speers: Owning a business like THE PATCH BOYS is advantageous because it not only creates job security for our owners, but also for their employees because drywall repair is oftentimes a necessity, not a desire. Our owners can really grow their businesses by focusing on key target markets that we’ve seen be successful. Revenue has continued to increase each month. The demand is there — all our franchisees have to do is roll up their sleeves and work hard to create opportunities for themselves and their employees. People may be surprised about how much demand there is for drywall repair, however, we aren’t. We see THE PATCH BOYS as a great opportunity for someone to invest in a business that’s going to grow and provide job opportunities for other people. 

As part of BELFOR Franchise Group, there are several sister brands that complement the work THE PATCH BOYS does. Ultimately, this can lead to additional work for your franchise owners. Would you agree that this is an advantage over an independent operator?

Speers: Absolutely. That’s one of the reasons that BELFOR Franchise Group purchased THE PATCH BOYS. It truly does complement all of their brands. When 1-800 WATER DAMAGE owners go in to fix a problem in a homeowner’s house, they need someone to fix the drywall. With Z PLUMBERZ, if they’re going in somewhere to fix a leak, they need someone to come in and fix the drywall. Ultimately, owners with THE PATCH BOYS and owners with our sister brands in BELFOR Franchise Group can refer each other and provide access to jobs we may otherwise not have. 

Why is now a good time to invest in THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise?

Speers: Now is a good time to invest in THE PATCH BOYS because we currently have some great territories that are available. That’s not going to be the case five years from now. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to start a business and grow with a dynamic company that has exceptional support, THE PATCH BOYS is a smart choice. I see our brand growing over the next five to 10 years because we have a tremendous amount of opportunity. Our franchise owners are growing and are benefiting from the exceptional training and robust support that we provide. Our dedicated leadership team is committed to helping everyone succeed in business over the long-term. 

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