THE PATCH BOYS Franchise Offers World-Class Training & Support

The lead trainer of the fast-growing drywall repair franchise explains the benefit of learning from industry experts

Barry Czemo is the THE PATCH BOYS operations manager for the Albany, New York, office and has seen firsthand both experienced and inexperienced business owners start a successful drywall repair franchise.

The Patch Boys drywall repair franchise employee working on a wall

Czemo says the demand for drywall repair outmatches available, quality companies, and that leaves the door wide open for aspiring entrepreneurs to take part in the lucrative, $60 billion industry.

In this interview, Czemo talks about why people with no background in drywall repair can succeed, how THE PATCH BOYS model sets franchisees up for success and why now is the perfect time to invest in the company.

What’s the advantage for entrepreneurs in pursuing a franchise over an independent business?

The impact the BELFOR Franchise Group is going to have on THE PATCH BOYS is tremendous. I’m totally psyched about this move. THE PATCH BOYS franchisees are going to benefit from the professional training that BELFOR has to offer, which is amazing. And that’s going to help a franchise go from a mediocre business to a phenomenal business. By following the model, all these franchises are working together. And if that comes to fruition, then each individual business owner is going to take off like a rocket and business is going to take off.

Do you need experience to start THE PATCH BOYS franchise?

You don’t need experience, but you do need a little bit of knowledge. It takes a couple of days to get acquainted with the lingo. And observing the way patches are done helps people recognize a quality technician. THE PATCH BOYS provide quality professional service so that is the image that we want to portray. We can take a person that’s been refinishing or patching for a couple years, get him into THE PATCH BOYS family, and show him the value of this brand; it’s going to be very profitable for everybody.

So what is the training process like for new franchisees?

Now that THE PATCH BOYS are a part of BELFOR Franchise Group, the training is totally enhanced. One of the great things about BELFOR, in my opinion, is that they use people to train new franchisees that have done the business before, which gives access to new business owners to a person who has gone through the process before.

How does proper training help beat out competitors?

We compete with private businesses that just want to do a patch for a lower rate and that doesn’t have overhead. The key point is everybody thinks that they can repair a patch correctly, but it does take a lot of talent. That’s why when we look to hire people, we need people with talent, which increases our quality as a company as a whole. And for those with little experience, we offer a comprehensive, in-depth training course.

What’s the demand for drywall repair services?

The demand is out there, and you’ll never, in my experience, wait for the phone to ring. It’s been that way for the five years that I’ve been involved in THE PATCH BOYS. I’ve had calls on Christmas Eve so the demand is out there. The need is out there for a quality company to provide a quality service and that’s exactly what we do at THE PATCH BOYS.

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