THE PATCH BOYS Drywall Repair Franchise Pairs Well with Other Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Become a one-stop restoration stop when you add a drywall repair franchise to a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE or Z PLUMBERZ franchise

If you own an existing 1-800 WATER DAMAGE location or a Z PLUMBERZ franchise, you can grow your revenues quickly with the addition of THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise to your portfolio. These businesses work well together and can provide your customers with a “one-stop shop” for all their restoration needs.

With the addition of THE PATCH BOYS franchise to your businesses, you’ll be able to tap into drywall repair jobs large and small, keeping crews in the field working and growing your bottom line. As THE PATCH BOYS president Ted Speers points out, there’s tremendous potential in combining these brands.

The Patch Boys drywall repair franchise

“THE PATCH BOYS makes a great add-on to an existing 1-800 WATER DAMAGE or Z PLUMBERZ franchise because of the overlap in need and diversity of services these brands provide,” Speers says. “Think about a leaky pipe that’s soaked the carpet. The plumber has to cut into the wall to fix the pipe, but they aren’t equipped to restore the carpet or patch the drywall, leaving thousands of dollars on the table as the homeowner calls other providers.”

Combining these franchise opportunities means you can handle all of the repair, from fixing the pipe to closing up the wall, and keep all the revenue in your businesses. Here’s how THE PATCH BOYS works.

What is THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise?

Any homeowner will tell you: damaged drywall is inevitable. Children bounce balls on the wall or the hubby misses the nail, whacking a knot out of that pristine new paint job. THE PATCH BOYS focuses solely on fixing the kinds of damage millions of Americans experience every day.

“THE PATCH BOYS are the drywall experts,” Speers says. “Our proven business model demonstrates the need for small job drywall repair, and when combined with the power of a Z PLUMBERZ or 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise, you can generate significant additional revenue.”

The secret to THE PATCH BOYS franchise growth is simple: our technicians will take on any drywall repair task, no matter how large or small. This means you’ll be capturing the jobs that handymen and general contractors ignore while benefiting from the synergy of a single-contractor solution homeowners are seeking.

How big is the drywall repair franchise opportunity?

THE PATCH BOYS franchise is the only drywall repair franchise available. In the competitive world of home improvements, we’re cornering the market for a service that virtually every homeowner will eventually need.

The market is also growing, as every day thousands of new home constructions kick off. Throughout those new homes — acres of drywall that will eventually need repair after an air conditioner overflows, a hot water heater busts, or little Jimmy takes a wrong turn on his tricycle.

If you own a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise or a Z PLUMBERZ franchise, chances are you already understand the size of the opportunity. Add to this the affordability of owning a drywall repair franchise and the investment makes good business sense.

THE PATCH BOYS franchise is affordable to own

Adding a new drywall repair franchise to your portfolio is surprisingly affordable. THE PATCH BOYS franchise works hard to keep franchise costs low. In fact, our drywall repair franchise is one of the most affordable home restoration franchises available.

The total cost to invest in THE PATCH BOYS starts at just $48,900. This covers the franchise fee, our world-class training and support platform, and all of the other benefits you receive as part of BELFOR Franchise Group.

With low startup costs and a built-in potential client base of homeowners and businesses who need drywall repair, adding THE PATCH BOYS franchise to your business is the kind of wise investment that can be too hard to pass up.

Bring THE PATCH BOYS franchise to your customers

To learn more about how you can bring THE PATCH BOYS franchise to your customers, visit our franchise information pages. Or, you can request our free Franchise Information Report. Our franchise sales team is ready to help you grow your business.

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