THE PATCH BOYS Franchise Celebrate a Banner Year

Why the drywall repair franchise continues to outpace the rest of the home services industry

2021 was a milestone year for THE PATCH BOYS franchise. Not only did the top-rated drywall repair franchise outperform its own internal growth projections, but it grew much faster than the rest of the home services industry by a long shot.

THE PATCH BOYS sold a staggering 86 franchise licenses – and that’s with two months still left to go in the year. What’s more, 11 franchise licenses were sold in the last quarter of 2020. So, in all, THE PATCH BOYS saw the addition of nearly 100 new franchises in just a year’s time.

“We bought the franchise at around 100 units, so we’ve essentially doubled the size of the network in a year!” says Aaron Harper, Senior Director of Franchise Development with THE PATCH BOYS. “As territories continue to sell out, entrepreneurs are excited to be a part of THE PATCH BOYS’ rocketship.”

So what’s behind THE PATCH BOYS success in a $60 billion drywall industry, especially at a time when so many other business segments are struggling to find their footing?

Well, for one, the pandemic forced more people to spend more time at home, who decided it was finally time to take on those much-needed renovation projects. And, as studies have shown, homeowners like to tackle projects that are both affordable and provide value.

Another key driver of THE PATCH BOYS’ momentum is the fact that the real estate market is hot across the country, with record numbers of people moving and buying new homes. According to IBIS World, the drywall and insulation industry is only expected to see further growth coming out of the pandemic.

“The business model is brilliant,” Harper says. “We wouldn’t see the level of growth that we’ve been experiencing if the potential to scale this business wasn’t there. We’re watching our franchisees get jobs while they’re in training – there is no ramp up time. The demand for the services that our franchise owners provide is phenomenal – and because no one else is focusing on drywall repair, we don’t face as much competition.”

THE PATCH BOYS also focuses on a niche service within the drywall repair industry that previously wasn’t being met. Our teams specialize in small patch jobs with a system for repairing walls so they are sanded, dry and primed in just a few hours. It’s the kind of service most handymen, plumbers, painters and electricians won’t touch.

And, just as important, our business model has been designed to get our franchisees trained and up and running in no time. Without a successful and expertly trained group of franchise owners, THE PATCH BOYS wouldn’t be what it is today.

“There’s no other home services brand that can compete with the  level of support we deliver to our franchise owners,” Harper says. “We’re involved with our franchise owners every step of the way. From technical expertise to marketing to professional development and beyond, we have the tools and resources necessary to thrive in business. And of course, being a part of the BELFOR Franchise Group gives you access to a world of industry experts and potential jobs that no other franchise has access to.

“There’s so much momentum behind this brand going into 2022,” Harper continues. “We’re excited to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential. We have plenty of territory still available but act now because it’s going fast.”

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