The Patch Boys Franchise Review: Meet Ricky Sittle

After reviewing many franchise opportunities, this entrepreneur chose to invest in the fast-growing drywall repair franchise

Like so many aspiring entrepreneurs, Ricky Sittle was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of franchise opportunities out there, and which one would be the right fit for him and his family.

So, Sittle hired a broker, and as the two evaluated several franchise opportunities, one brand in particular stood out – The Patch Boys, one of the industry leaders in drywall repair service.

“It caught my attention because it is a niche market, and the teams are experts at what they’re doing,” Sittle said. “Instead of crews being OK at several services, they excel in one particular service: drywall repair. And as I researched it more, it just seemed like The Patch Boys were a perfect fit.”

Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Sittle now runs his own location with The Patch Boys. In this interview, he talks about the support network franchisees receive, the opportunity for growth and how business has been since opening.

Q: How has the corporate support team helped your franchise get started?

A: Every little detail about how to run this business was very well explained; all the tools, support and help have been incredible. The team was there for any and every question I had. And also, you’re connected with other franchisees who may be going through similar situations and may have good insights. So it really builds a sort of family-like atmosphere.

Q: What would you say is the opportunity for growth for franchisees?

A: I see tremendous growth potential. Being part of the BELFOR Franchise Group offers the opportunity for so many partnerships. For instance, crews with Z-PLUMBERZ on a plumbing job can recommend us for drywall services, and vice versa. It all helps drive business and recognition, because visibility in the market is so important.

Q: And how has your time with The Patch Boys been so far?

A: The experience has been great. The training was fun, and after we had a graduation dinner where people got to know each other better. We talked a lot about what drove us to The Patch Boys. And again, just being around other franchisees and the team, it really helped build that family atmosphere I talked about.

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