Why Owning a Drywall Repair Franchise is a Wise Choice

THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise is a proven path to business ownership

Drywall repair business is one of the most robust and lucrative niches in the construction and home remodeling industries, offering steady work with little overhead costs as compared to other industry segments.

THE PATCH BOYS has repeatedly been recognized as one of the smartest and rewarding franchise opportunities, with low start-up costs, a recession-resistant business model, and a specialized service offering where little competition exists.

THE PATCH BOYS drywall hole repair franchise owner repairs ceiling

“We’re really excited about THE PATCH BOYS franchise opportunity,” says Ted Speers, Brand President of THE PATCH BOYS. “We’re positioned well to dominate this segment and become the go-to resource for drywall repairs across the nation. As we continue to grow, we’re excited to welcome entrepreneurs to our franchise family in the years to come.”

According to IBIS World, the drywall repair industry was expected to reach $60 billion annually by 2020, marking a defining moment in the industry. What’s more, those projections were expected to increase significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic forced more people to stay at home, spurring a storm of long put-off home improvement projects. As most industry sectors struggled during the past year, the drywall and insulation segment is estimated to increase nearly 5% in 2021 as housing starts increasing despite the ongoing pandemic, IBIS World reported.

“We’ve really built a business model that can withstand, and even profit, during times of financial instability, and I think we’ve proven that over the past year,” Speers says. “We’re really proud to offer a franchise opportunity where business owners, as well as employees, can feel confident in their livelihoods.”

Making THE PATCH BOYS even stronger is the fact the company has honed in on a specific service, specializing in small patch jobs with a system for repairing walls so they are sanded, dried, and primed in just a few hours. It’s the kind of service most handymen, plumbers, painters, and electricians won’t touch.

“We’re the experts in drywall repair,” says Speers. “We’re a young and energetic brand that faces little competition. We’ve spent the last several years proving our business model, and we have a large group of enthusiastic franchise owners who own thriving businesses that home and property owners really need.”

THE PATCH BOYS has been tailored to hit the ground running, so franchisees can grow their business rather than wasting precious time on start-up strategies. And, opening a franchise doesn’t require any previous drywall repair experience. With the BELFOR Franchise Group, owners are supported with an extensive and comprehensive training and support network from day one.

“Our job is to help our franchise owners run profitable businesses, and we never lose sight of that,” Speers says. “The training and support that BELFOR Franchise Group provides is not only the best in the industry, but it’s also designed to help our franchise owners flourish in their businesses. We don’t leave anything to chance. We hold your hand through the entire process of getting your business established. We’ve got your back.”

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THE PATCH BOYS drywall hole repair franchise is an exciting business with a wide-open market. With a quick turnaround time and brand recognition, our franchise owners expand their loyal customer base and enhance their long-term growth. Simply fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to speaking with you!

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