Why THE PATCH BOYS Franchise Doesn’t Ignore Small Job Repair Work

THE PATCH BOYS drywall repair franchise understands the lucrative potential of the millions of smaller jobs other restoration franchises ignore

When it comes to restoration franchise opportunities, one factor sets THE PATCH BOYS franchise apart. Our focus on drywall repair means our technicians don’t miss out on the millions of small job repairs that other franchise concepts ignore.

The home restoration industry is huge, topping more than $210 billion according to independent research firm A.M. Best Co. By focusing solely on drywall repair, THE PATCH BOYS franchise owners are well-positioned to dominate an underserved, recession-resistant niche in an enormous industry.

Here are a few ways investing in THE PATCH BOYS franchise can make a big difference in your bottom line.

The Patch Boys franchise Putty Knife with Paste to Repair Wall Damage

Small job repair work is small ticket but big opportunity

When you’re exploring which home restoration franchise opportunity is the best fit, one of the key factors is the potential for generating regular revenue. THE PATCH BOYS franchise repairs drywall damage, large and small.

THE PATCH BOYS business is built to focus on a single service: repairing damaged drywall. That means our crews can get in, fix drywall, and get out quickly. A single crew can complete multiple repair jobs in the same day, meaning your employees stay busy doing what they were hired to do–generate revenues for your restoration business.

An idle crew waiting on the next big job isn’t making money. THE PATCH BOYS restoration franchise stays busy fixing smaller damage caused when the hot water heater leaks or the kids knock a hole in a wall with a door knob.

THE PATCH BOYS franchise also does big-ticket repair jobs, too

When a home is damaged in a fire or a major storm, THE PATCH BOYS are there to help the homeowners put their house back in order. As part of BELFOR Franchise Group, our franchise owners are part of a family of trusted service providers and they’re ready to help in disasters of any size.

What sets THE PATCH BOYS apart, though, is what happens in between those major disasters.  Other restoration franchises focus on big-ticket disaster recovery–fires, floods, and storms.

Between catastrophes, THE PATCH BOYS franchise maintains top-of-mind awareness through providing needed and affordable repair services to homeowners. When that big disaster does hit, they know who to call for quality restoration and trusted service.

THE PATCH BOYS franchise training and support positions you for growth

When you decide to join THE PATCH BOYS franchise, you’re gaining access to three vital components to growing a thriving business: a compelling brand, the processes and systems you need to deliver for your customers, and the business management and sales resources to operate your company.

Franchise owners also benefit from the training and support they’ll receive as part of the BELFOR Franchise Group. As an owner of THE PATCH BOYS, you’ll have access to the training and business support systems you need to thrive in a competitive industry. All the while, you are part of a supportive community of franchise owners across the country who are ready to help you grow your business.

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