Why The Patch Boys Franchise is a Perfect Family Business

Why the drywall repair franchise is a great business for families to do together

If the past few years have taught American businesses and workers anything, it’s that we value, more than ever, a healthy work-life balance in a career. No longer do we want to sacrifice time with our family in order to dedicate ourselves to careers with no end in sight. Instead, we want both, and Americans all over the country have shaken up the workforce in order to pursue opportunities where they can make good money and still spend quality time with family and friends.

That’s why at The Patch Boys, we’ve made a deep commitment to holding true to family values. As a result, countless franchise owners have discovered The Patch Boys as one of the perfect opportunities for a family business.

Why does The Patch Boys make a great family business? For one, our business model makes it very clear on each individual’s roles and responsibilities, leaving no room for ambiguity between family members on duties. With clear expectations, family members can sit down and decide whose strengths would be best fit for each role, avoiding the messiness of potentially stepping on each other’s toes.

Another advantage: investing in The Patch Boys allows families to know exactly how much it’s going to cost to run a location, as opposed to independent businesses that at best can only offer estimated costs. This allows families to better plan on investment costs, and potentially allow you to invest more into the business on the front end. Or even expand to other locations!

And, of course, The Patch Boys allows you to take control of your own work/life balance. Yes, running a business is hard work and can put stress on relationships. However, our tried and true business model can help avoid a lot of stress because our system is well established and clear, allowing you to better plan and prepare schedules and any potential conflicts.

And we believe instilling this culture starts at the top. When you join The Patch Boys, you’ll become part of an energetic, entrepreneurial community that works together to advance our brand and take us all to new heights. With the support of BELFOR Franchise Group behind you, and the small business feel that The Patch Boys provides, it’s easy to see why families across the U.S. are looking to join The Patch Boys team.

“Our job is to help our franchise owners run profitable businesses, and we never lose sight of that,” The Patch Boys brand president Ted Speers says. “The training and support that BELFOR Franchise Group provides is not only the best in the industry, but it’s also designed to help our franchise owners flourish in their businesses. We don’t leave anything to chance. We hold your hand through the entire process of getting your business established. We’ve got your back.”

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